• Tradition, Passion, Fashion, Perfection


  • High quality handloom products with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship from the land of sanctity.

    The quality handloom products, known as Kaithari, are made by hand by the weavers was brought to limelight by its designs with exemplifying tradition of weaving and handloom industry. The handloom cloths of Thirunelli Kaithari have won international reputation and are acclaimed for its elegant designs and eminent artisanship.
  • Super soft, strong and easy-care clothing from the bramaghiri valleys will adore your apparel.

    Thrissilery cottons provides high quality consumer product starts with selection of the finest materials from beginning of production process are popular among foreigners as well as domestic tourists who ever been the beautiful district of Wayanad. We choose to work with 100% cotton, because cotton has some unique advantages. Like staying dry, because it has the ability to absorb moisture.
  • Stylish backpacks that will totally slay your first day of school

    from a socially responsible garment manufacturing and retailing company engaged in the manufacture of fabric and readymade garments. The embellishment and handwork on our garments is primarily done by underprivileged women. We recycle our leftover fabric, to make carry bags and patchwork items. Products include bags, curtains, bedsheets, floor mats etc.
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Money

    Well-made clothing is not only a personal hallmark of fashion icons, but also the backbone of frugal wardrobes everywhere. Good quality clothing is always a fashion must. The Weavers empowers tribal women of its community to design and present high quality readymade clothing before the customer and ensures the right of an individual for exemplary clothes.

Thirunelli Kaithari

  • Kasavu Dhothi
  • Double Dhothi
  • Handloom Shirting
  • Handloom Saree

Thrissilery Cotton

  • Single stripe Dhothi
  • Colour Dhothi
  • Cotton Shirting
  • Churithar Material


  • Gents Shirt
  • Lady's shirt
  • Gents Kurti
  • Lady's kurti


  • Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Cotton Blankets
  • Cotton Back Packs
  • Floor Mats


  • Wayanad Handloom Powerloom Multipurpose industrial Co-Operative Society Ltd. No. SIND(W) 66
  • Thrissilery,Mananthavady
  • Wayanad
  •   04935 250308,8075302496
  •   whipcos@gmail.com